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Christmas at the Lake

I’ve always been at my parent’s house for Christmas. Even when I was in college 8 hour away, I was always home for Christmas. This year, now that all 4 of us kids are older, we’re trying something different! We’re renting a house at a nearby lake for Christmas! I’m super excited & I think being in the mountains for the holidays is going to be so wonderful…now the weather just needs to cooperate so we can get some snow! :)

In the spirit of my woodland holiday, I thought I’d put together a little Friday Finds for a winter getaway! Enjoy!


My L.L. Bean slippers are my absolute favorite! The Wicked Good Slippers are lined with genuine Australian lambswool. The BEST!

We would typically go skiing, but with this unseasonably warm weather this winter, we’ll probably be in the hottub!


I love these high-neck bathing suits – so chic!

We’ll be spending lots of time in front of the fireplace & lounging around the house. Especially on Christmas morning, you need one of these robes!

waffle-weave-resort-robe-oI have this Waffle Weave Resort Robe from Pottery Barn & it’s incredibly comfy!

Of course, some sweet treats to bring along for the family!


These are by Holly Fox – she does a great job with all styles & types of cute cookies!

And lastly, some fabulous PJs to hang around the house in! lo0003_hhn_frontThese cuties are from Draper James, which is Reese Witherspoon’s new project! LOVE!

Happy Holidays to you & yours!


Halloween Half-Skull Makeup

So I know Halloween was over a month ago, but I wanted to show everyone a step-by-step of how I accomplished this super cool Half-Skull makeup look!

I found a YouTube video that detailed out exactly how to do this & then I added a few of my own touches!


Here’s the look we’re aiming for :)image2

I went ahead and did my over-the-top regular makeup first to get it out of the way. I used a lot of eyeliner, dark eye shadow, contouring, and a red lip to make that side of my face “pop!” I wanted that side to be just as bold as the skull side. Then I went ahead and did 3 layers of white costume makeup all over (except around the eye).image3

Next, I used the black costume makeup to fill in the circle around the eye, even getting in around your tear duct. I filled in a nose-cavity, and created the initial jaw line for the mouth.


Using a very light touch, I created teeth up and around the jaw & added a little shadowing around the crevices.


Here’s a more detailed look at the skull side of my face!image6

Comparison with my glam make-up :)image7

I finished off by taking the white makeup all the way down my neck & onto my collarbone, to create the illusion of my rib cage.image8

And that’s it! I ran a few errands like this before I headed out to a Halloween party. So much fun!image9

This was one of my favorite Halloween outfits yet!


DC Gallery Event

This is a catering launch that I helped out with in DC a few months ago!

I work in the event furniture & design industry, so check out a few of my favorite photos! This was at the Long View Gallery in DC.  image1














How amazing is this whole set-up?! I love this raw space. I’ve done events here for a few years now. It gives us such a cool canvas to create a unique environment in!


Lake House

About two months ago, my boyfriend and I were invited to a lake house in Georgia. The house sits on Lake Oconee, which to be honest, I had never heard of before! I was so excited to check out a new place & get a nice relaxing weekend before it started to get too cold out!

Unfortunately, it poured the majority of the weekend, but we still got to spend time with some great people & stay in this INCREDIBLE house! Check out some of my favorite photos of this amazing place!


This house was out-of-this-world! So beautiful!


I got a super quick snap of the front of the house as we were leaving. This photo doesn’t even do it justice, but look at the stone front & the big archway window!


They had the coolest decor! LOVED these little gallery style plaques.


The house had a wine cellar! By far my favorite aspect :)


The outdoor areas were just as beautiful! This fireplace!


The basement had a pool table, a bar, and all of this amazing wall decor. Autographed movie posters & memorabilia hung all over the walls.
Kenny Chesney is one of my personal faves!


For a few hours, we were able to get out on the jet skis! It was a blast!

I would go back to Lake Oconee again in a heart beat! Maybe one day I’ll be able to have a lake house like this one (if only!)


Happy Halloween!

The fall & winter holiday season really kicks off with Halloween! Aspen did a little Halloween posing for me! Check out the photos below!


This pumpkin is SO big in real life! Probably 3 feet or so!


Everywhere we go, I get told that Aspen looks like a fox! So I decided he would go as one for Halloween!


Once, I actually was asked if he was a pet fox. So silly! :)


Some Halloween themed flowers to help decorate the house!

I was a big procrastinator this year, so I’m doing a makeup-heavy costume! Here are my inspiration photos…I’ll be posting later to reveal how it all turned out!



Have a fantastic Halloween! It’s supposed to be beautiful out!


Sailing Lessons

Can I just say…my parents are amazing gift givers!
For Christmas last year, they got my boyfriend & I sailing lessons! We obviously waited until we had beautiful weather, and oh-my-gosh, was it worth the wait! We had so much fun & the weather was just amazing. These are all just photos from my iPhone, but the natural light was so incredible, I can’t get enough of them!image5

We sailed on a “sloop”! I learned lots of sailing terminology which I now can’t remember :)


We each had so much time to sail the boat ourselves!


The views were incredible! We were right off the coast of Downtown Annapolis.


We were out on the water for a few hours & our teacher was great!


It made me want to buy a boat & take up sailing! :)


This natural light! AH!


I would do this again in a heartbeat! Looking at these photos in the stormy weather today makes me long for summer!


I would 100% recommend this opportunity to anyone! We went to the Annapolis Sailing School – they have lessons all the time, multiple times a day! Again, I highly recommend this as a fun date, gift, or even just a weekend activity.

My boyfriend went out & bought a sailors hat afterwards because he loved it so much :)

The views were incredible & the experience was so fun!


DIY Distressing Furniture

I love distressed furniture. Not only is it great for that “shabby chic” look, but when you have the inevitable wear and tear on your furniture, it’s all hidden in the distressing :)

Below are some super chic and fabulous distressed pieces!




Here’s the blog post from when I did my own DIY distressed dresser! This was such a fun project & it has held up so well over the past year!

This was my Dad’s dresser as a kid! (and mine, obviously). Here’s the before:


During the project–sanding, painting, re-sanding:blogger-image-855411488



And the finished product! blogger-image-1864296976

After the distressing project, I actually ended up taking off all of the brassy handles & restoring them back to their original shine & color :)



The dresser has even gotten a little more distressed as I’ve used it over the past year, but the original wood showing through just gives it more character!


Gallery Wall

I’ve been in my house for about a year now, and I’m finding the little spots around the house where I would like to add an accent chair here or wall art there. I have two places in my house where I think that a gallery wall would look really great–I’m having a hard time deciding which one to pick! I’ve also considered creating one for my office! I think the flexibility of being able to swap out prints is amazing! You can completely change up the entire look very easily.

I’ve created a mini vertical gallery in my bedroom with photos that I’ve taken on my international travels.


I like the idea of incorporating mirrors, greenery, or other graphic pieces into the gallery wall.
This one from Lookie What I Did has so many engaging elements, it’s a mature yet fun look!


This amazing idea comes from Little Green Notebook. She created a photo rail, which allows for layering.
There are no nail holes for all of your photos here & you can adjust the heights of your photos by just adjusting the string. Love this!


And this beauty is one of my favorites! This comes from the office of Monika Hibbs, in her interview with Style at Home. I love the gold with the pops of hot pink. In an otherwise very neutral space, this is a really fun corner.


Monika is one of my favorite bloggers! Her Ikea hack for the gold coffee table was one of my first DIY projects: check it out here!

This post by Mrs. Fancee gives you 100+ free prints! She even sorted them by theme & color. So much amazing inspiration there!


I’m planning on buying some cheap frames & spray painting them all the same color so that I have different styles & materials, but the consistency of the same color.

I know this is becoming a popular way to decorate – showing off photos & personality with keeping the flexibility of being able to change out your decor.


Brunch is the Best

Working in the events industry, it’s part of my job to keep up with styles and trends. I follow a ton of blogs and read lots of articles to keep up! One of my favorite things that I’ve seen popping up are brunch events!

Now, I personally, LOVE to brunch. Give me a waffle and a mimosa & I’m a happy lady. And seeing it starting to crop up in some of my favorite design & wedding blogs is so exciting!

Here are a few  of my favorite brunch event ideas!


Such a cute little coffee bar area! Love the colors & glassware!


As a lover of all things sparkly, I could totally use a glitter donut!

 enhanced-2999-1425398881-3Or if you’re in the mood for something a little more colorful…a cereal bar!


Talk about a waffle wedding cake!


Or you could go for more of a fruity cake!

You could do a Bloody Mary bar, Mimosa bar, Bellini bar..or all of them :)


Just sayin’ :)

Aren’t you craving a Bloody Mary right about now?!


(Images via Frosted Petticoat Blog,  Green Wedding Shoes, Style Me Pretty, Martha StewartStyle Me Pretty)

Throwback Thursday

My Throwback Thursday is a post about one of my favorite Baltimore venues. I mean, really, can it get any prettier?!

Check it out here!




I just saw a post on another blog with a wedding here & it reminded me of how much I love it!