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The Yorkshire Soap Co.

One of my favorite spots in our day trip to York was The Yorkshire Soap Co. Just seeing it from the street, I knew it was going to be fabulous! Their use of decor is so unusual and fantastic, I couldn’t help but snap a ton of photos!


001Disco ball, chandeliers, huge windows, and flowers. What more could you want?!

002THESE are soaps! You would think it was a bakery from first glance!

003LOVE! From the wood floors to the actual soaps themselves, what an amazing space.

004They even used bathtubs for the bath salts & terrariums for the natural soaps.

006This little back area was my favorite! That deer head draped with flowers. OBSESSED!

I could spend days in this place! Check them out here.


Decorating Brick Walls

A good majority of Baltimore row homes have a lot of exposed brick and wood accents. Whether it’s been renovated or not, these are two design aspects that have seemingly stood the test of time. The brick really does stand as a unique focal point on it’s own. It’s like having wall paper or textured paint, only it’s a structural piece as well!


The brick wall runs almost the full length of the house & the wood beams are exposed in the living area & kitchen.


Hanging both these shelves  & the TV  was quite the hassle!


I have a big empty space of brick wall that doesn’t have any art or interest pieces. I’ve been looking for the right piece for quite a while now, and when I received my Grandin Road catalog the other day, I was immediately sparked with some ideas!


These “Vintage Gate” pieces are stunning. I love the idea of having the wrought iron and wood up on the brick walls. This would definitely help accent the wooden beams and the wood floors, but since they’re all different types and colors of wood, I think that it would be a unique look!


I also found these amazing art pieces. I love to read, and in my dream house, I’ll have a library like the one in Beauty and the Beast.  :) However, in my tiny row home, I love the idea of creating that library feel with art!


I am also really feeling this bold, modern art piece that brings in a splash of color to the space. It also incorporates the gold that I LOVE to use when decorating!

It’s hard to choose! I think they would all look fantastic, but bring a different feel to my living space. What do you think would look best hanging on the brick ?


Dining Chairs

Dining Chairs

I have had a vision for most of my house in terms of the style of decor & the feel that I want to convey through my furniture and decorations. 
Except. Dining chairs.
I kept going back and forth on what type of chairs I wanted in the house. There’s already so much wood and color with the hardwood floors, wooden beams on the ceilings, and the marble counter tops in the kitchen, there’s a lot going on structurally.
I finally stumbled upon these dining chairs & was so intrigued by their unique design & comfy tufted style seating. With the dining area being directly across from the fireplace, I wanted a seating option that would be comfortable enough to hang out in front of the fireplace in the winter.
They also came in a charcoal and chocolate gray color, but I thought the wooden legs on the black worked well with my color scheme. I’m planning on distressing my table a little more to help keep the look consistent.
Since my tables has two additional leaves, I’m planning on purchasing 4 more to have a set of 6!
Here’s some of the “up close” details!
LOVE the shape and look of the legs!
They’re so comfy & cute! I’m pretty excited about the newest addition to the space!

Something Unexpected

Something Unexpected

I love neutrals. They’re classic and never go out of style….but I’m a big advocate for some metallics, texture, print, sparkle, fur…a little something extra!
The upstairs of my house has stunning dark wood floors. I thought that a light rug would really pop against it.  I love a little something unexpected when styling, and a hide rug is definitely unexpected! I’ve always liked the unique look of these rugs, but the ones I had been looking at were running between $700-$1,300. Not exactly in my new homeowner budget.
Believe it or not, I stumbled across one at (you’d never guess it)..IKEA. When I was picking up the tables for my living room, I saw this and knew I needed it. 

 How awesome does this look with the floors, right?!

My bedroom ceilings are super tall, so I wanted something neutral enough that it wouldn’t take away from the beauty of the high ceilings & natural light. 

Find it here

It has scratches & natural discolorations that add to the character of the piece! I’m planning on having all whites, greys, and beige tones in my bedroom, so to have a piece with such a unique texture, it really adds some unexpected to the room!