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The Yorkshire Soap Co.

One of my favorite spots in our day trip to York was The Yorkshire Soap Co. Just seeing it from the street, I knew it was going to be fabulous! Their use of decor is so unusual and fantastic, I couldn’t help but snap a ton of photos!


001Disco ball, chandeliers, huge windows, and flowers. What more could you want?!

002THESE are soaps! You would think it was a bakery from first glance!

003LOVE! From the wood floors to the actual soaps themselves, what an amazing space.

004They even used bathtubs for the bath salts & terrariums for the natural soaps.

006This little back area was my favorite! That deer head draped with flowers. OBSESSED!

I could spend days in this place! Check them out here.


4th of July

I can’t believe how fast this summer is flying by! I feel like it was just snowing a few weeks ago! This is going to be a low-key 4th for me, but I still want to try out some of these yummy recipes! Check out some of these fabulous 4th ideas below!

I’m a BIG sangria fan. I like mixing up the types of fruits & wines that I use to create unique concoctions each time I make them.
I’m definitely going to be trying this one for the 4th!

4th-of-July-Red-White-And-Blue-Sangria(image via Imagine Design Blog)

These light & fresh kabobs are so easy & super cute!

3(Image via Just Imagine)

And these jars are just too cute! Creative too!


If I was having a party this year…maybe next year ;)…I think these would be fabulous ways to decorate without just sticking up flags everywhere.

I love how the streamers create such at atmosphere…and on such a budget!


I’m loving the mix of the rustic wood & metal chairs with the bright pops of red & blue.

b4ef2bc0fcea5bbae4e82c345179440b(Images via Liz Marie Blog)

Have a fabulous holiday weekend and a great 4th of July!!

Garden Art

As I try to keep my rose bushes alive this summer, I am trying to find an easy-to-care-for plant that will not only look amazing in the house, but also be in a place where my dog won’t tear it up. (aka – that’s what he’s done with 4 of my 6 rosebushes).

Here are some amazing ideas that I’ve seen for indoor planting (and they’re puppy-proof)!


How amazing are these? And with the copper mirrors behind them!? LOVE.


Looks so chic!
(Images via Binti Home Blog)
socker-greenhouse-white__0165672_PE308979_S4These cute little Terrariums are perfect for window sills or table tops!
(Image via Ikea)

531781e937258$!600xThis unique terrarium is so cool!
Image via Style Me Pretty Living)

32532772_007_aThese sphere hanging baskets are so cute!

(Image via Terrain)

Now if only I had the green thumb to keep these suckers alive!



Artsy Find

Artsy Find

I’ve been racking my brain for week for ideas of what to put up along the wall behind my couch in the living room. There’s a ton of space there & the pot lights would frame some sort of artwork perfectly. But I couldn’t decide whether I should go with a metal art, a long painting, separate pieces. Such a tough decision!
Well…you will never guess where I found these gems…
I was running errands and I walked by these canvases two times before I even stopped to pick them up. They are literally the perfect color/look for space. (Check out the white flowers that I have in the wine glass vase…looks just like the paintings!)
I think they’re awesome. I actually have 3 pot lights up against that wall, but I’ll keep you guys hanging as to what I’m going to do with that space (it’s an upcoming blog post). 
Don’t the lights make it look like it’s a gallery?!
I love the white, greys, and even the gold overlay on top!
You can really see it shine in this photo!
What a lucky find!
Birthday surprises

Birthday surprises

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago! I love celebrating birthdays (not just my own), but I wasn’t as stoked for my big 2-5 this year. Even with my low expectations for my weekend, I had an absolutely amazing weekend, and I wanted to share some of my favorite photos!
 This was one of the oh-so-loving cards from my boyfriend :)
 And these stunning flowers were from him too!
 One of my favorite clients sent me these!
After dinner with my boyfriend at Oceanaire, I came home to find a brand new fire pit on my back patio all set up and working! It was the most amazing surprise! He was so sneaky in planning it!
I am absolutely obsessed with it & will put more pics in my next post! :)

 This cute little ice cream cake was from celebrating with my parents. They surprised me with a skydiving trip for me & my brother!! AHHH!
Two of my girlfriends and I went to the new Horseshoe Casino for dinner (Johnny Sanchez was amazing! The dessert is to die for!) and then to play some games afterwards. I won some $$, which is always fun! And we saw this adorable casino cake from Charm City Cakes!

It was an absolutely amazing weekend! Turning 25 actually turned out to be one of my best birthdays yet!
Showering the Bride

Showering the Bride

One of my best friends is getting married later this month (!!!) and we (the bridesmaids) threw her a surprise shower at her parent’s house! Her mom & sister did an absolutely amazing job of putting everything together! I just have to share some of my favorite photos of the day!!
How amazing are these flowers? The white hydrangeas were from a neighbor’s garden!
So pretty!
I am obsessed with these glittered champagne bottles! The Maid of Honor found the idea on Pinterest! Such an awesome idea!
How cute is this wedding dress made out of cupcakes?!
The little details were fabulous & everyone had an amazing time showering the Bride!! 
The Little Things

The Little Things

One of my favorite bloggers does a “Favorite Five” every week or so. She puts up photos of her favorite 5 things that have happened that week. I thought I’d do my version of that today. These are photos from the past couple of weeks. Just wanted to share these “little things” I see throughout the week that touched my heart.

 This was on my neighbor’s doorstep at 7:30 in the morning (apparently on her birthday!)


This was the view at one of the venues I worked at last week in Virginia. How amazing!

These little fish at the fair were so bright & beautiful!

This is in the lobby of the Mariott Marquis in DC. The statue is called the Birth of the American Flag, by a Baltimore artist, Rodney Carroll.


And this is the reception area at the Mariott Marquis. Stunning!!

Happy Friday everyone!