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The Yorkshire Soap Co.

One of my favorite spots in our day trip to York was The Yorkshire Soap Co. Just seeing it from the street, I knew it was going to be fabulous! Their use of decor is so unusual and fantastic, I couldn’t help but snap a ton of photos!


001Disco ball, chandeliers, huge windows, and flowers. What more could you want?!

002THESE are soaps! You would think it was a bakery from first glance!

003LOVE! From the wood floors to the actual soaps themselves, what an amazing space.

004They even used bathtubs for the bath salts & terrariums for the natural soaps.

006This little back area was my favorite! That deer head draped with flowers. OBSESSED!

I could spend days in this place! Check them out here.


Summer Travels!

The past month has been so busy with some exciting things! I’ll have some great decor posts in the upcoming weeks, but in the meantime, here are some fab shots from my trip to England!











I hope you’re enjoying the last few weeks of summer! Enjoy it!

Stained Glass Window

My transom window is finally done! I’ve been so excited to go pick it up & I finally have it! Check it out below!

image1 (1)

The photo is a little dark – I had to put white paper behind it so that you can see the detail!

image2 (1)

The clear glass pieces all have different textures – there’s a “icy crackle” pattern, a “wave” pattern, and a snake-skin like pattern.


This is my dream home-front! I still have a ways to go to get my house looking like this beauty, but I’m one step closer with my transom window!

The stained wooden door & gas lamps are next on my list :)


Decorating Brick Walls

A good majority of Baltimore row homes have a lot of exposed brick and wood accents. Whether it’s been renovated or not, these are two design aspects that have seemingly stood the test of time. The brick really does stand as a unique focal point on it’s own. It’s like having wall paper or textured paint, only it’s a structural piece as well!


The brick wall runs almost the full length of the house & the wood beams are exposed in the living area & kitchen.


Hanging both these shelves  & the TV  was quite the hassle!


I have a big empty space of brick wall that doesn’t have any art or interest pieces. I’ve been looking for the right piece for quite a while now, and when I received my Grandin Road catalog the other day, I was immediately sparked with some ideas!


These “Vintage Gate” pieces are stunning. I love the idea of having the wrought iron and wood up on the brick walls. This would definitely help accent the wooden beams and the wood floors, but since they’re all different types and colors of wood, I think that it would be a unique look!


I also found these amazing art pieces. I love to read, and in my dream house, I’ll have a library like the one in Beauty and the Beast.  :) However, in my tiny row home, I love the idea of creating that library feel with art!


I am also really feeling this bold, modern art piece that brings in a splash of color to the space. It also incorporates the gold that I LOVE to use when decorating!

It’s hard to choose! I think they would all look fantastic, but bring a different feel to my living space. What do you think would look best hanging on the brick ?


Gallery Wall

I’ve been in my house for about a year now, and I’m finding the little spots around the house where I would like to add an accent chair here or wall art there. I have two places in my house where I think that a gallery wall would look really great–I’m having a hard time deciding which one to pick! I’ve also considered creating one for my office! I think the flexibility of being able to swap out prints is amazing! You can completely change up the entire look very easily.

I’ve created a mini vertical gallery in my bedroom with photos that I’ve taken on my international travels.


I like the idea of incorporating mirrors, greenery, or other graphic pieces into the gallery wall.
This one from Lookie What I Did has so many engaging elements, it’s a mature yet fun look!


This amazing idea comes from Little Green Notebook. She created a photo rail, which allows for layering.
There are no nail holes for all of your photos here & you can adjust the heights of your photos by just adjusting the string. Love this!


And this beauty is one of my favorites! This comes from the office of Monika Hibbs, in her interview with Style at Home. I love the gold with the pops of hot pink. In an otherwise very neutral space, this is a really fun corner.


Monika is one of my favorite bloggers! Her Ikea hack for the gold coffee table was one of my first DIY projects: check it out here!

This post by Mrs. Fancee gives you 100+ free prints! She even sorted them by theme & color. So much amazing inspiration there!


I’m planning on buying some cheap frames & spray painting them all the same color so that I have different styles & materials, but the consistency of the same color.

I know this is becoming a popular way to decorate – showing off photos & personality with keeping the flexibility of being able to change out your decor.


September Wedding

September Wedding

I may be a little biased because this is the wedding of one of my best friends….but come on. How stunning is this wedding?!
Check out some of my favorite details below! The amazing photography is by Shelby Leigh Photography. She was such a doll! :)

Check out her blog post about the wedding here!


 This wedding was just perfection! I was so blessed to be a part of their day :)

Coming soon…

Coming soon…

I can’t wait to share with you guys! Some exciting stuff for me & the blog are coming in the next month or so! :)
The Little Things

The Little Things

One of my favorite bloggers does a “Favorite Five” every week or so. She puts up photos of her favorite 5 things that have happened that week. I thought I’d do my version of that today. These are photos from the past couple of weeks. Just wanted to share these “little things” I see throughout the week that touched my heart.

 This was on my neighbor’s doorstep at 7:30 in the morning (apparently on her birthday!)


This was the view at one of the venues I worked at last week in Virginia. How amazing!

These little fish at the fair were so bright & beautiful!

This is in the lobby of the Mariott Marquis in DC. The statue is called the Birth of the American Flag, by a Baltimore artist, Rodney Carroll.


And this is the reception area at the Mariott Marquis. Stunning!!

Happy Friday everyone!


Fireplace Design

Fireplace Design

One of my favorite things about the house is the gas fireplace in between the kitchen & the living room. It sits right across from my dining area. Perfect for a romantic dinner or cozy night in!
There’s plenty of space above & around the fireplace to do something really different with the design of it, but the height & size of it doesn’t really lend itself to a standard mantle. 

The inspector was the only one who can figure out how to turn it on! I’ve got to learn how!

The ceilings of the kitchen & living room show the exposed wooden beams, so I thought it would be cool to mimic that look with the shelving above the fireplace. Instead of doing a standard mantle all the way around the fireplace (it’s too modern looking to do that), I wanted to experiment with floating wooden shelves.
Check out some of my inspiration photos:

Love the dark stain on this wood & how big the piece is above the fireplace

Love the stacked, rustic look of these

 This is what I’m going for!


After doing some research, and not really finding any photos with exactly the look I was going for, I decided that I would design it myself. I want the stacked look as in the picture above, but I want it directly above the fireplace. So I purchased three 4′ shelves from Pottery Barn and I’ll keep you updated as we get them up on the wall!
Find these Pottery Barn shelves here.
Drilling them into the brick is definitely going to be a challenge, but I’m so excited about how it’s going to look when we’re done!

Club Navy

Club Navy

I have a thing for front doors. Bright colors, classic neutrals, springy pastels…love it all. I deliberated for a ridiculously long time at Home Depot about what color I wanted to paint my front door. 
The original color of the door was a faded maroon, and I thought that it could definitely use an update! One of my friends had an extra crab door knocker (which, if you’re from Baltimore, you know how amazing these are!) that he gave to me as a present. Absolutely fabulous! I spray painted this little guy with a metallic gold paint so that he matched my door handle & locks.



My dad helped me out with the drilling (thankfully!)


The final product! 


The paint color is called “Club Navy” by Behr Marquee. It looks absolutely stunning & gives the house a brand new look!