Halloween Half-Skull Makeup

So I know Halloween was over a month ago, but I wanted to show everyone a step-by-step of how I accomplished this super cool Half-Skull makeup look!

I found a YouTube video that detailed out exactly how to do this & then I added a few of my own touches!


Here’s the look we’re aiming for :)image2

I went ahead and did my over-the-top regular makeup first to get it out of the way. I used a lot of eyeliner, dark eye shadow, contouring, and a red lip to make that side of my face “pop!” I wanted that side to be just as bold as the skull side. Then I went ahead and did 3 layers of white costume makeup all over (except around the eye).image3

Next, I used the black costume makeup to fill in the circle around the eye, even getting in around your tear duct. I filled in a nose-cavity, and created the initial jaw line for the mouth.


Using a very light touch, I created teeth up and around the jaw & added a little shadowing around the crevices.


Here’s a more detailed look at the skull side of my face!image6

Comparison with my glam make-up :)image7

I finished off by taking the white makeup all the way down my neck & onto my collarbone, to create the illusion of my rib cage.image8

And that’s it! I ran a few errands like this before I headed out to a Halloween party. So much fun!image9

This was one of my favorite Halloween outfits yet!


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