Lake House

About two months ago, my boyfriend and I were invited to a lake house in Georgia. The house sits on Lake Oconee, which to be honest, I had never heard of before! I was so excited to check out a new place & get a nice relaxing weekend before it started to get too cold out!

Unfortunately, it poured the majority of the weekend, but we still got to spend time with some great people & stay in this INCREDIBLE house! Check out some of my favorite photos of this amazing place!


This house was out-of-this-world! So beautiful!


I got a super quick snap of the front of the house as we were leaving. This photo doesn’t even do it justice, but look at the stone front & the big archway window!


They had the coolest decor! LOVED these little gallery style plaques.


The house had a wine cellar! By far my favorite aspect :)


The outdoor areas were just as beautiful! This fireplace!


The basement had a pool table, a bar, and all of this amazing wall decor. Autographed movie posters & memorabilia hung all over the walls.
Kenny Chesney is one of my personal faves!


For a few hours, we were able to get out on the jet skis! It was a blast!

I would go back to Lake Oconee again in a heart beat! Maybe one day I’ll be able to have a lake house like this one (if only!)


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