Sailing Lessons

Can I just say…my parents are amazing gift givers!
For Christmas last year, they got my boyfriend & I sailing lessons! We obviously waited until we had beautiful weather, and oh-my-gosh, was it worth the wait! We had so much fun & the weather was just amazing. These are all just photos from my iPhone, but the natural light was so incredible, I can’t get enough of them!image5

We sailed on a “sloop”! I learned lots of sailing terminology which I now can’t remember :)


We each had so much time to sail the boat ourselves!


The views were incredible! We were right off the coast of Downtown Annapolis.


We were out on the water for a few hours & our teacher was great!


It made me want to buy a boat & take up sailing! :)


This natural light! AH!


I would do this again in a heartbeat! Looking at these photos in the stormy weather today makes me long for summer!


I would 100% recommend this opportunity to anyone! We went to the Annapolis Sailing School – they have lessons all the time, multiple times a day! Again, I highly recommend this as a fun date, gift, or even just a weekend activity.

My boyfriend went out & bought a sailors hat afterwards because he loved it so much :)

The views were incredible & the experience was so fun!


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