Nook Ideas

I don’t have any standard size closets in my current house. But recently, I’ve been seeing all sorts of ideas for redesigning a closet! This will be a project for another day and another house, but I will just start collecting all of these fabulous ideas in the meantime!

6f180b4d9b0a64aef0af1f9bab906748The huge book nerd in me would adore a space like this!

85b27703df266969a0e41e77e9f4bc36Super practical and super stylish entryway

92231ef79f87652e3396623b5c889a45Can you imagine turning your closet into a hidden space?! Fab!

739659bdeb9b9bbae798a94af683ef0aAwesome office space

f1ba92350100fd688f58f5195c111e53Ahhh…my favorite! Nap nook!

f34a75838cd85dcda3468068ea9db6c4And another, just for good measure!


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