Friday Finds!

I am not a chef. In no way do I know what I am doing in the kitchen unless it involves the microwave.

However, one of my friends told me about this service called Blue Apron. Blue Apron sends you perfectly portioned & sized meals…but they haven’t been made yet. So you get ingredients in the exact portions that you need them to make a gourmet meal!

This sounded like something I might be able to swing, so I ordered my first one last week & I absolutely loved how easy it was!

image1 (5)Here were the 3 recipes that I received in my box. Each one had step by step photo instructions on the back!

image2 (5)All of the ingredients were extremely fresh! They came in a refrigerated box & everything was individually packed with labels! LOVE!

image3 (4)One of my biggest things about cooking is that I have to buy WAY more than what I actually end up using in a single recipe.
This completely eliminated all of the excess. Each ingredient had been pre-measured out for the particular recipe.

image4 (4)

image5 (2)

image6 (1)This first meal was my favorite!! It was SO delicious and it made enough for myself, my boyfriend, and my roommate to all have very full bowls!

image7 (1)My next meal was the Turkey Chili. This one smelled the best while making it!

image8 (1)This was my boyfriend’s favorite. I can’t get over how fresh everything is…and that I actually made it! haha :)




DELISH! This one, I think, makes me look like I actually know what I’m doing!

Give it a try! Blue Apron. You won’t be disappointed.
It’s very reasonably priced & they have meals portioned for 2 people, or family size!


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