Closet Creativity

If I had a spare bedroom in my house, you can bet that I would be turning it into a closet! I’ve been dreaming of how I would turn a spare bedroom into a closet and I’ve gotten so many ideas from Pinterest!

47a8543b62bd7afa22312cbd8d5dde95I mean really…I would lovvve a 2-story closet.

e08ac0146170f9bf1d41654ba53f8ae8Even this “attic closet” would be fabulous!

There are 2 main “ways to go” when it comes to customizing a closet from an empty bedroom.

Built ins. Or Open air-shelving. And they are both fabulous.





I also absolutely love the idea of having furniture to make it more of a dressing room. In my tiny row home, it would probably have to double as a guest bedroom!
Here’s a couple of pieces that I found that would be a fabulous daybed/guest bed!


Ahhhh to dream!

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