Old School Candy Shop

A few weeks ago, my family & I went out to Wisconsin for a Green Bay Packers game. During our trip, my sister & I went exploring  and found the cutest little candy shop. Not only did they make all of their own chocolate, rock candy, licorice, but they also served ice cream sundaes and shakes! Take a look below. I loved the detailing and the historic charm of the place!image1

The candy counter is in the front & in the back are cute booths for people to sit & enjoy!

image2 (1)

This little area was my favorite part of the store!

image3 (1)

So many unique candies! Including chocolate kits for handymen & beauticians!

image4 (1)

Chocolate “Jimmi Choo” shoes! :)

image5And rock candy!

How adorable is this?? I wish there was a place like this in Maryland!



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