Dining Chairs

Dining Chairs

I have had a vision for most of my house in terms of the style of decor & the feel that I want to convey through my furniture and decorations. 
Except. Dining chairs.
I kept going back and forth on what type of chairs I wanted in the house. There’s already so much wood and color with the hardwood floors, wooden beams on the ceilings, and the marble counter tops in the kitchen, there’s a lot going on structurally.
I finally stumbled upon these dining chairs & was so intrigued by their unique design & comfy tufted style seating. With the dining area being directly across from the fireplace, I wanted a seating option that would be comfortable enough to hang out in front of the fireplace in the winter.
They also came in a charcoal and chocolate gray color, but I thought the wooden legs on the black worked well with my color scheme. I’m planning on distressing my table a little more to help keep the look consistent.
Since my tables has two additional leaves, I’m planning on purchasing 4 more to have a set of 6!
Here’s some of the “up close” details!
LOVE the shape and look of the legs!
They’re so comfy & cute! I’m pretty excited about the newest addition to the space!

2 Responses to Dining Chairs

  1. Maria says:

    I love that whole concept! It goes very well together.

  2. Thanks Maria! It’s definitely been fun putting it together!

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