Tea Towels

Tea Towels

I went to London earlier in the summer to visit my sister who was studying abroad there. While we were there, I wanted something for my house that I could display that would remind me of our trip. We went into the Fortnum & Mason store where we saw this little gem!
I love the idea of collecting Tea Towels from various places that I visit. My sister helped me to kick start this collection. 
She brought me from Brooklyn a few as an early birthday present!


I love these little Brooklyn Brownstone homes. They remind me of Baltimore row homes too!

My sister also knows that I love wine, so this one reminded her of me :)

These cute Tea Towels are a functional and stylish addition to my kitchen!

2 Responses to Tea Towels

  1. Nicki says:

    What an awesome and unique idea. I always try to think of something different that I can collect from the places I visit, but I could never come up with anything. So I’ve got a boring, ordinary shot glass collection. (And I really don’t even drink!)

  2. Thanks Nicki! I have a shot glass collection too! I thought the tea towels idea was a little more practical. :) That way, you can swap them out in the kitchen & change up the look a little bit. Glad you like it!

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