Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror

I’ve always liked the look of mirrored furniture, especially in a dining room or as an accent piece. Super glamorous & old Hollywood-esque.
 When I moved into my rental property (that I’m transitioning out of), the landlord had a stunning mirrored buffet that they didn’t have room for in their new NYC place. They asked if we were interested in buying the piece at a wayyy discounted price, and I jumped all over that! Here are some photos that I’ve found of the piece on Pinterest.

 This is the exact piece–gorgeous!

I really lucked out with this piece (especially at the price I got it for). But in my new house, I have much less space than my huge 4 bedroom rental. So I needed to come up with another way to utilize the buffet piece where I had space!
Since I mounted my TV on the brick wall, the buffet piece will make a perfect console piece! We can put movies, the cable box, DVD player, etc. in the cabinets. Then we have the entire top to decorate & style!

I still need to drill a hole in the back for the wires to go through. The cable box & internet router will go inside, but I’m so excited about how this completely brings together the living room. It brings some glamor to my already very cozy & comfy space. Next project is to get some fun knick-knacks to style it!

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