Fireplace Design

Fireplace Design

One of my favorite things about the house is the gas fireplace in between the kitchen & the living room. It sits right across from my dining area. Perfect for a romantic dinner or cozy night in!
There’s plenty of space above & around the fireplace to do something really different with the design of it, but the height & size of it doesn’t really lend itself to a standard mantle. 

The inspector was the only one who can figure out how to turn it on! I’ve got to learn how!

The ceilings of the kitchen & living room show the exposed wooden beams, so I thought it would be cool to mimic that look with the shelving above the fireplace. Instead of doing a standard mantle all the way around the fireplace (it’s too modern looking to do that), I wanted to experiment with floating wooden shelves.
Check out some of my inspiration photos:

Love the dark stain on this wood & how big the piece is above the fireplace

Love the stacked, rustic look of these

 This is what I’m going for!


After doing some research, and not really finding any photos with exactly the look I was going for, I decided that I would design it myself. I want the stacked look as in the picture above, but I want it directly above the fireplace. So I purchased three 4′ shelves from Pottery Barn and I’ll keep you updated as we get them up on the wall!
Find these Pottery Barn shelves here.
Drilling them into the brick is definitely going to be a challenge, but I’m so excited about how it’s going to look when we’re done!

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