Making A Statement

Making A Statement

When I purchased the house, I really couldn’t have asked for better wall colors. The previous owner did an amazing job with renovations & in choosing rich neutral colors for the walls, floors, etc. 
However… I wanted to do something unique to the master bedroom walls. I’ve always loved the idea of a statement wall, but, I love my neutral wall colors. So I decided to do a very muted statement wall.
After scouring Pinterest, some design blogs, and quite a few painting websites, I decided on stenciling. It’s much less of a pain to do than wallpapering, and if you mess up, you can just paint right over it!
Here are some of my inspiration photos from Pinterest:

As you can see–I like the idea of having a color that’s very close to the actual wall color. And with that being said, I was looking for something even less noticable than those pictures. 
So I made a trip to Michael s and picked up a damask stencil that I liked & some ultra gloss paint from the Martha Stuart Collection. Check out the photos below to see my initial painting trial!

The stencil comes in halves, so this was the very first half of the first damask.

 My stencil strategy for the pattern on the wall

This was the perfect “color” for my print. It was starting to get dark outside when I took these photos, so  I’ll put some more up with the sun shining on the glossy paint! 
 I measured the halfway point of the wall and started there. The second half of the stencil has guidelines on it so that you’re painting exactly where you should be. It makes it easy to pick up the first half and put it in the place where you want to start the next damask print.
As you can see, this took me quite a while to finish! But here’s the finished product!

Sorry for my iPhone photos…not the best quality. But I’m so happy with the result! It’s very neutral, but enough to make it unique!


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