Gypsy Vintage

Gypsy Vintage

I spent the better part of my childhood growing up in Calvert County, Maryland. Now there isn’t a ton of stuff to do there…but let me tell you, I make the trek down to Calvert at least the first weekend of every month. 
Why? Gypsy Vintage.
Well, that’s not the only reason. I love visiting my family & seeing friends, but let me tell you–this boutique shop is definitely a draw!

How cool is this place?

They are open the first weekend of every month. Check them out here!
The other weeks of the month, they are scouring for new pieces & they often will bring them back to refurbish before reselling. They have unique furniture, decor, trinkets, candles & bath products, great gift ideas, the works!
Below are some of my finds from Gypsy Vintage that I’ve collected over my many trips.

Adorable mermaid statue

Vintage candlestick holders

Crown Jewels Candle Holder

Even my new dining room table is from G. Vintage! It’s a drop leaf table with an insert for the middle. Absolutely perfect for my small dining space! I can have 2 people sit at the table as it’s all folded, then open it up and add the middle leaf, and it can seat up to 8! Perfect for entertaining!


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