Something Unexpected

Something Unexpected

I love neutrals. They’re classic and never go out of style….but I’m a big advocate for some metallics, texture, print, sparkle, fur…a little something extra!
The upstairs of my house has stunning dark wood floors. I thought that a light rug would really pop against it.  I love a little something unexpected when styling, and a hide rug is definitely unexpected! I’ve always liked the unique look of these rugs, but the ones I had been looking at were running between $700-$1,300. Not exactly in my new homeowner budget.
Believe it or not, I stumbled across one at (you’d never guess it)..IKEA. When I was picking up the tables for my living room, I saw this and knew I needed it. 

 How awesome does this look with the floors, right?!

My bedroom ceilings are super tall, so I wanted something neutral enough that it wouldn’t take away from the beauty of the high ceilings & natural light. 

Find it here

It has scratches & natural discolorations that add to the character of the piece! I’m planning on having all whites, greys, and beige tones in my bedroom, so to have a piece with such a unique texture, it really adds some unexpected to the room! 

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