Golden Ideas

Golden Ideas

One of my favorite blogs, The Doctor’s Closet, recently showcased the author’s office space where she has the most perfect minimalistic gold coffee table. I knew it was perfect for my small living room space. The glass top meant that it wouldn’t visually take up a big area & the gold would fit right in with my decor. Also– how cute is her office?!

Monika’s golden coffee table


Honestly, I had been looking at coffee tables that were running close to $1,000 and I knew that I didn’t want to spend that much. When I saw that her table was from Ikea…I just about died. How amazing is that!? She had done an Ikea hack. (Which, if you’ve never Googled it, please do. People are so creative!) So I promptly made a trip to my local Ikea & purchased the same table combo that she had.
 At that point, all I did was take a little bit of sandpaper to the frame, used the same gold spray paint that I had used on my crab door knocker & went to town! I did use almost an entire can just making sure that all sides were covered completely.
Here’s the final product!! How perfect does this look, right?! Just like Monika’s from The Doctor’s Closet. This piece was so easy & inexpensive to complete!
The only thing that I did differently was not utilizing the board on the bottom part of the coffee table. I liked how open it was without the base board & how you cansee straight through to the carpet without that piece. I keep it in my basement just in case I need for the extra storage space!
You can see the second “nesting” table next to the couch in this photo. It fits perfectly in between my two couches, and I can move it back into the “nesting” design if I need to create some extra space.
One of my favorite projects that I’ve done, for sure!

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