Sidekick Finley

Sidekick Finley

My parents have a very beautiful, ridiculously smart German Shepard named Finley. They adopted her from the shelter a few years ago, and now that almost all of the kids are out of the house, Finley spends a lot of time following my Dad around like his little sidekick.
So naturally, when my dad came up to help me mount my TV to the brick wall, (way trickier than it seems!) Finley came with him!

Rolling around in the brick dust…just making a mess!

Brick walls are so characteristically Baltimore, and it is definitely one of my favorite aspects of the house! It’s not as easy as just putting a standard nail in the wall & using a hammer. Not. At. All.
Thankfully, my dad is an amazing resource to teach me all of this stuff! We were putting up a 55″ TV and had a swivel TV mount with the brackets & all necessary tools. My dad provided the drills & the anchors that we needed.
We utilized sleeves to anchor into the brick & mortar as well as an extremely loud drill! We had 3 people helping to hold up the equipment & to make sure the holes were in the right spot with measuring tapes, pencils, etc. The one thing that I would suggest for next time that we hang something on the brick wall would definitely be to lay some plastic down. The amount of dust that accumulated was crazy! Plastic would make clean up much easier!

Finley modeling with the finished product

It was a long process, but I’m so happy with the finished product! The TV can swivel so no matter where we’re sitting on the couches we can see. Or even if I’m in the kitchen, I can turn it so that I can watch some Rachel Ray or Food Network.
Next piece of this project is getting my console piece to hold the TV boxes & wires. Can’t wait!

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